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Executive search & recruitment

human capital

Ok, so what's different here you're asking yourself? There are many executive search and recruitment companies out there.

From our decades in the Agri-business sectors, we have intrinsic knowledge of the people who transform your company. We've been in senior managerial positions responsible for recruiting, training and developing people who transform companies. That's what makes us different from the rest.

We knowYou are as strong as the people around you; the strength of your business is determined by the team which drives it.

Our founders’ 25 years of recruitment experience, building large teams across emerging markets enables us to deliver on your recruitment needs.

Building & developing teams for large projects requires clear structure, planning and execution. We deliver multi-discipline, multi-cultural & multi-lingual teams across emerging markets where you require dynamic leaders to produce a cohesive, highly functioning team.


Partner with Red August Group to deliver your key personnel.


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